Welcome, Welcome, ENFJ!!

Ah, the caring team player we've been looking for!! You are very tolerant, and try to be a genuine good person. Selfless, maybe a little too much, but still very caring of others. You hate to let others down, which makes you a very reliable person. Its hard for you to accept critisism, so maybe you should try to work on that. You put so much work into things its draining to hear that someone doesn't like it. At times, you have issues making important decisions, and you worry far too much about the consequences of each choice.

Things an ENFJ would enjoy/relate to:


Often times when you are stressed out, the best thing you can do for yourself in that moment, is detatch yourself from the moment entirely. You need a break, and you need to just breathe. Maybe try to meditate, or complete a small task. Engage in self care, and try not to feel guilty about it. You deserve to be pampered and cared for. If you are upset over someone critisizing you, don't take it too close to heart. Understand that everyone has their own opinions and are entitled to them. They may do something that you may not like, and if you tell them they may feel the same way you do now. Accept it, and move on... maybe even try to understand where they are coming from so you could improve.