Howdy, ENFP!

SO it seems as though you have no comfort-zone limits! Good for you! Commonly, you believe in karma, that good actions lead to good outcomes, and you are an enthusiastic friend to have! Perhaps you were one of the popular kids in school, because you seem to really know how to kick it back and have a good time. You get along with practically everyone and always have something good to bring to the table. Unfortunately sometimes your bubbly personality and ability to have a great time can diminish your focus on practical and logical things. You have a short attention span. You want to be the master of your fate and control things, but living in a world of checks and balances is there to stop you, and respectively, piss you off as well.

Things an would enjoy/relate to:


When many rules are enforced, or your lack of focus stresses you out, there are little things you can do to help yourself. You might be better off on your own for a while to chill out, too many people can get annoying especially if people become nosy and just want to help. A good way to calm down is by meditation, breathing and imagining different things like a leaf floating down a river. Nature scenery is beautiful and calming. Escape the moment and when your ready to come back, understand that people will want to know what happened, and have a game plan ready. You've got this, ENFP!