Welcome ENTJ !!

Ah, the commander personality! Pleasure to meet you!

Common with ENTJ personality types, its very likely you have a "larger than life" attitude. Sometimes you see yourself too largely and can easily discredit the team you work with, and place that credit within yourself. Try to be aware that your personality can lead you to that, and try not to do it. Also don't blame your poor actions on your personality type either, regardless of our typology we are still responsible for our choices. Your strong suits lay in social situations, if you are put in the debate hot seat, there's no denying you will stay strong with your side, arguing clearly.

Things an ENTJ would enjoy/relate to:

Books; Republic-Plato, Survival of the Prettiest-Nancy Etcoff

Movies; Inception, Departed, The Big Short, American Beauty

Activities; Visiting exhibits, group movie theater trip, planning, babysitting

Characters; Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story), Eric Cartman (South Park), Jan (The Office), Dennis (Always Sunny in Philidelphia)

Thought serial killer; Ted Bundy


Because you might feel as though you are losing control, you might act out in an angry or overly defensive way, just try to step outside of the picture for a moment. Allow yourself breathing space, and talk to someone. Not just anyone though, someone you know and trust wont judge you. Let them remind you that however you are feeling is okay, and that step number one is to calm your nerves, before analyzing the situation, even if it isn't your strong suit.