Why hello there, ENTP!

You are incredibly amazing with debating, even if you are debating for something you don't believe in. While you are highly intellegent you also have a key understanding of the other side, which is a handy trait when arounnd other people and opinions. However make sure you watch yourself, be cautious around authority. Your personality type is known to question people "higher" than them, like a boss or parent. That can cause some trouble, so be aware of that. You can be charismatic and energetic, so perfect career choices would include lawyer, as well as being a sales representative. I also feel as though politics would work well with this typology, so consider a poly-sci major? Also be aware that you may have a hard time accepting routine, so focus on finding something that works with you. Maybe little spontaneous trips to the store, or watch a movie impulsively, so you don't feel so trapped.

Things an would enjoy/relate to:


Rules tend to stress you out, huh? Thats okay, momentarily disregard the rules to gather yourself. Find someone you can talk to who won't try to aruge or give you advice that you aren't seeking. Allow yourself to feel, even if it feels irrational. Give yourself time alone, and try to just get some rest and focus on the basics. When you feel better, maybe come back out and ask for a hug, and analyze how you were feeling, without rehashing it all.