Why hello there, ESFJ!

Often a very good friend, you would take the shirt off your back for your friends. A loyal and caring companian who often shows an optimistic outlook. You are outgoing and open to social situations, although at times you worry too much about where you are on the social food chain. You enjoy your routine, maybe a little too much, for at times you can be relentlessly stubborn and refuse flexibility or change. There are also some hypocracy flaws, as you would critisize others but can't seem to handle being on the receiving end. You also have a hard time caring for yourself, because you are too concerned about others.

Things an would enjoy/relate to:


Changes really stress you out... Not to mention if someone tells you that you need a change, that really gets your goat. Also that feeling when the tension in the room is more thick than the smoke of a haunted house fog machine. I get that. You're not alone, okay? When life gets you down, I would suggest taking a break and going to watch a comedy with a friend. Have a sweet peice of chocolate, and enjoy it mindfully. Hang out with your pals, or make a nice phone call. You got this hot stuff!