Howdy, ESFP!

Yet another charming personality we have here! Welcome! My golly, you are such a bold and bright personality thats hard to ignore! You've got great people skills and I bet you have a talent that you love to show off. With great talent, comes great responsibility, so watch out! People are always entitled to their opinions and will often share them, so listen to them, but don't find your motivation crippled if what was said wasn't positive. You don't like conflict, which is good, until it comes to the point of doing or saying literally anything to escape it. That is unhealthy, try to challenge yourself. I know you can do it.

Things an ESFP would enjoy/relate to:


Yes, yes, the future is quite scary. But so is a bright light to a baby, you get what I'm saying? The future is unknown, and most humans fear the unknown which is where the fear of death comes from. Sometimes you wind up in sticky situations by becoming the "yes man" as a way to getting far away from any sort of conflict, as I mentioned earlier. Just be aware of this. At least that way you aren't confused and cursing whatever higher power you may believe in. Just breathe man, take a walk outside. Nature is the worlds healer sometimes, ya know? As always, find someone you trust and vent all of it out to them, ask them just to listen with no judgement. It's a-okay to ask for help!