Why hello there, ESTJ.

You are an ESTJ, meaning, you are strong willed, and have tons of determination to go around. You're like a super-human! Almost, because like all of us, you still have flaws. You prefer things to be in order and you beleive "honesty is the best policy". That being said, when there is change, you become uncomfortable and stressed, which shows like an addict without their obsession. There are times where your stubborness gets the best of you, and you worry so much about where your at in the food chain.

Things an would enjoy/relate to:


We all get stressed, don't sweat it dude, okay? Alright, so that sentence helps about as much as "Calm down!" does. Which in your case, is not at all. Allow yourself to escape the moment and slowly tackle whatever the problem is. If it helps, chat with someone as you do, just talk it out-break it down. Understand whats happening and why. Don't feel like you need to be feeling a certain way, just be you. Whatever comes natural.