You float between two different personalities?!

Thats totally okay!

It's perfectly okay to float in between two different personality types! I ,personally, do myself! Keep in mind, it may not necessarily be having "two types" it could be more or less in the middle. Like for example, being shy, but still able to have a good time with friends. I like to give the example of Shakespeares Hamlet, if you have read it. Hamlet is a thinker, but he's also incredibly emotional, despite not acting impulsively on them. Hes more in the middle, but leans towards thinker. The way he treats Ophelia shows that he's more focused on the "plan" on acting mad, rather than the "love of his life" and her feelings. Although, with the death of his father, one could argue that messes with someones personality, because greif shows in many ways. So yeah, don't freak out! No need to call the psychiatrist and ask them if you have D.I.D., so just relax and think about personally what you lean more towards, or take the test a couple times.

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