Howdy, INFJ.

You are known as the Counselor personality, and theres reasons for that. You genuinely care for others, and are insightful enough to help around you. When you care about what you are speaking about, you relay a passionate and caring speech that brings warmth and inspiration to the audience. You are an advocate filled of passion and care, and those you do befriend are very lucky to have you. Being an introvert, you are much more private about your own life and problems, often placing others above you. Also you may have a tendency to drop things that are perfectly fine, because you feel as though something better is out there, which sometimes leads you to miss out on important opportunity.

Things an INFJ would enjoy/relate to:


Its no secret that INFJ's carry a lot of repressed emotions. Loud noises or overwhelming stimulations can trigger you towards a breakdown. Understand and know your specific triggers, so you can prepare yourself ahead of time. Speak up if you want to be alone, or need things to be quiet or more calm, chances are the people around may only be trying to help but are unaware of your needs. Distract yourself, if possible take a walk in some beautiful nature. Read a book. Detatch yourself from the situation, and allow yourself some rest and breathing space. It'll be okay, nothing is forever.