Welcome, INFP!

Hello, to our local dreamer and mediator! People constantly admire your optimism and motivation, whether they make you aware of that or not. In a way you like to advocate for others, and make sure all voices are heard, you don't think anyone is better or less, that we are all equal. With a passion for values and harmony, its very likely that you become committed to one thing and stick to it loyally. There are faults within this though, as sometimes you fail to recognize other important things, such as other peoples needs or your own needs, because you were too busy obsessing over one thing. Remember to check the facts when arguing, or contemplating, INFP's often lose themselves in the big picture, thinking more about emotions and morals rather than truths. It is also a bit hard to befriend INFP's due to their completely privitized life.

Things an INFP would enjoy/relate to:


Sometimes, INFP's can get lost in the sauce with their feelings. Thats okay! Be wary, when you get upset its likely of you to become very cynical and sarcastic, leaving words like daggers in a bystanders skin. Your personality doesn't excuse this, don't forget to apologize to anyone who you spat bitter words at. Find a small project to work one, maybe one you meant to finish but got a little too busy. Give yourself that chance to get away from it all, to be able to breathe in your own space, think in your own mind. Maybe take a nice calming walk through nature.