So you are an INTJ.

On the surface, you seem to be an uncaring robot. While that isn't true, it is a bit difficult for a person to find your soft side.

You are an absolute perfectionist, no? It seems that there is no limitation to your improvement range. Like a skeptic you are known to map out every possibility and outcome.

Things an INTJ would enjoy/relate with:

Books; 1984-George Orwell, The 48 Laws of Power-Robert Greene, The Art of War-Sun Tzu

Movies; The Butterfly Effect, Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange,Lord of the Rings series

Activities; Alone time, the future, reading, technology, philosopgy, art

Characters; Bones Brennan ("Bones"), Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Maleficent, Abby (NCIS)

Thought Serial Killer/Criminal; Virginia Tech Shooter and Eric Harris


When in times of stress, the best comforts come in solitude, less engaging environments. Find that one person you can trust, and express yourself, even if you feel your feelings are irrational, its important to let it out. If advice stresses you out more, make it clear that you are only looking for a release, not a reaction. Allow yourself a break, even if it just means continuing to work but working less, turn down the "go go go" mechanism in your brain, and just breathe. Recognize your stress, but don't feel as though you need to pick it apart immediately, allow yourself wiggle room. Get outdoors, and experience the calming beauty nature offers.

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