Hello, INTP !

FUN FACT: INTP's, a.k.a. Logicians, are the most logically precise personality type!

You are known for being naturally creative in your own unique ways. Its also common to be brilliant with theories, so read up on your conspiracies! You notice the small things, and can easily pick up on lies, whether you confront them or keep them to yourself. Sometimes INTP's use others as a way to experiment new ideas seeing how they take to it. It's not lying, but can easily be interpreted that way, so be careful! Like Alice, you fall into your own wonderland!! Wondering and dreaming, but don't get lost! Fear of failure tends to hold this personality type, so dont let it capture you!

Some things an INTP would enjoy/relate to:

Books; Crime and Punishment-Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Violent Ends-Multiple Authors,

Movies; Thank you for Smoking, Waking Life, Idiocracy, Inside Llewyn Davis

Activities; Conspiracy theories, Forensics, Mind puzzles

Characters; Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), Yoda (Star Wars)

Thought Serial Killer/Criminal; Dylan Klebold, Adam Lanza, Robert Berdella


When under stress, it's common for you to feel self-critical and out of control. People bombard you, asking if your okay, make sure you expect them to do this, so when it happens you aren't caught off guard and triggered. Allow yourself some solitary time, where you can breahe and relaz yourself. Focus on some meditation, temporarily leave the moment. If you act out of character towards someone you care about, don't beat yourself up over it, but be sure to apologize to them later. Keep in mind that nothing is forever, and just breathe.