Welcome, dearest ISFJ!

What a wonderful friend you are ! You are always an enthusiastic helping hand for those in need. You always choose empathy over judgement, and you are patient and observant. You become a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to projects and strive to be the best of the best. Despite this, you are also extremely humble and modest, and even a bit sensitive to critique. Using great imagination in many ways you discover empathy for anyone in distress, but you often fall short of yourself, leaving you to dry in the wind-too busy attaining to others' needs.

Things an ISFJ would enjoy/relate to:


Have you said "yes" to too many requests? Deadlines looming? Its alright, relax.. It doesn't make you a bad person to need to reach out for help. Or maybe asking for more time, or have to decline. Its okay. You need a break sometimes, when you over do yourself, you burn out and get stressed. Go to someone you trust, and let it all out! Bottling those feelings are not very safe or comfortable, release them. Breathe.