Greetings, ISFP!

The artist, you are known most for being so aware and insightful of others. Even though introverted, people tend to gravitate towards you. They know what a gem you are, and want in. You are charming and polite, most of the time. You also have a nack for the arts, and your imagination is boundless. You are independent, sometimes a little too much. When rules are enforced, it stresses you out, and you are pretty easily set off. You can get overly competitive and easily stray from commitments. Be very cautious and loving of yourself, you may have been dealt a questionable deck of cards, but you are unpredictable and always have a shot at winning, just don't drown in the game.

Things an ISFP would enjoy/relate to:


When you get stressed, I'm sure you get snappy. Try to think before acting/speaking when you know for a fact that emotions are starting to boil up inside you. Breathe and I'd suggest counting. Talk to someone you trust, and let it all out, no matter how strange it may sound. However you are feeling is valid, and you aren't wrong for feeling it. Take a chance to recognize how far you've come and what you've accomplished along the way. You've got this. You're strong as heck!!