welcome ISTJ.

You are the kind of friend to stand by your promise no matter what. You are reliable and dependent, analytical and strong-willed, its rare of you to miss a deadline. You make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what going on. You are likely intellegent and rely most on logisitcs and stone cold facts rather than the mushy-feelings buisiness you have no care for. Unfortunately this can be seen as insensitive and it isnt uncommon for you to obtain a dark sense of humor that leaves others uneasy. You play by the rules, and others often become annoyed with you because of this stubborness. You can get snappy and rude with those who don't seem to agree with you or facts, and thus you lose care for them. At times, you may blame yourself even when not at fault.

Things an ISTJ would enjoy/relate to:


Being dead on every due date isn't easy, in anyway and it takes hard work. Being an ISTJ, you constantly keep pushing yourself to the brim, trying to accomplish everything you possibly can. When the deadline is coming close, it becomes what us theater geeks call "hell week", where everyone is stressed out. Thats kinda what goes on in the mind of an ISTJ, every brain cell feels like its on crack trying to figure everything out as fast as possible. It is recommended to go for a jog, and excersize. I know you don't want to take a break, but when you do, more often than not, the work gets done in a timely fashion while still holding good quality.