Hello, ISTP.

So you're the cool guy I ordered, right? You know how to keep your cool during crisis, and to think practically. In the same token, you know how to be spontaneous and have fun! You're like that cool aunt/uncle who lets you have the time of your life, while not getting chopped up to bits! While thats fine and dandy, you gotta watch out because sometimes you fall into some risky behavoir. You can also be incredibly stubborn, and afraid of-or rather disapproving of commitment and long term deals. You also become bored easily, and leave projects behind.

Things an would enjoy/relate to:


Stress sucks. I get it. People coming around, bothering you and asking if you're okay. All you gotta do is find your space, be alone. People usually don't see you get upset too often, so its probably a little concerning for them. They are looking out for your interest, but they also need to understand that you prefer space when upset. Try to let them know that, in a calm way, but if you do get snappy, no sweat. Just apologize later. You got this!